Green Court Office - new office building development with interim BREEAM Excellent rating in Budapest

Green Court Office - new office building development with interim BREEAM Excellent rating in Budapest

Developer Codic Hungary, member of Codic International and constructor KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., member of KÉSZ Group celebrated Green Court Office reaching its highest point with a topping-out event. In recent months, despite the pandemic situation, work has progressed at full steam. Thanks to this and the hard work of an average of 100 people a day, the implementation of Green Court Office is proceeding as planned.

As a pioneer of new development projects on Dózsa György út, Green Court plays a key role in the evolution of a new office submarket in the Váci út office corridor. The mixed-function development pays special attention to the creation of urban ecological values and the application of environmentally conscious solutions. Located by Kassák Park, 65 per cent of the office areas in Green Court Office have already been leased, showing undiminished rental demand for prime buildings.

Green Court is a prime, new generation development: an innovative concept of 4 buildings set around a large green, inner courtyard, accessible from 4 sides, attracting people to the heart of the project,” Christophe Boving, CEO of Codic Hungary explained. Codic strongly believes that 'Building the future is an art'. Art, for us, means a continuous quest for excellence and distinctive quality. We are proud to see that the structure has reached its highest point thanks to the successful cooperation with our partners. We are committed to ensure that the recent interim BREEAM Excellent rating Green Court Office recently obtained, will be granted again at completion of the building.”

Zoltán Sáray, CEO of KÉSZ, added:Constructing an office building, especially such an environmentally conscious green office building, is always a huge challenge. From the first moment of construction, our job is to keep the arising needs of the investor and future occupiers in mind and try to construct the most modern and most comfortable building. Although the building is not finished yet, the team has done an excellent job, which is greatly enhanced by our exemplary cooperation with Codic Hungary. We are grateful for the smooth and professional cooperation and work we have experienced so far.”


In a contract with District 13, Codic Hungary has undertaken the redevelopment of the office building’s surroundings with quality block paving, the construction of a new pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Kassák and Taksony streets, and the replacement of missing trees in adjacent public areas.


The unique engineering solutions of Green Court Office


The unique architectural motif of the building is the double-skinned ventilated glass façade, which provides increased thermal and acoustic protection on the street façades. Furthermore, the ledge running along the façade also functions as sun protection due to its 90-cm width.

A full-height glass façade with an area of over 6,800 square metres ensures as much natural light in the office space as possible. For this, Codic uses special, super-selective heat-insulated glazing that lets in natural daylight while filtering out incoming sunlight, thus reducing the heating of office spaces.

Green Court Office meets the requirements of a nearly zero energy building and during its completion, the sustainable solutions came to the fore.

“Among our energy-efficient solutions, we may highlight the induction chilled beam with low energy consumption, the heat pump and the reuse of harvested rainwater.” – Pál Szilvási, project manager of Codic Hungary commented, pointing out a few of the green features of the office building. “But what makes this building unique on the office market today is its double-skinned, ventilated glass façade using premium quality materials to ensure the highest visual and acoustical comfort, whilst reducing much the cooling consumptions.  The inlet of natural daylight on the work floors is optimal thanks to the continuous, full height glazing and the inlet of natural fresh air possible through openable windows every 2,7 meter.”

Codic did not compromise on the quality even at the price of implementing only premium technical features resulting in increased cost of 20 per cent. But the extra efforts on added value differentiate Green Court Office from other recent office developments and ensure increased well-being and a more pleasant work environment to its tenants.

When designing the office building, Codic not only focused on energy-saving, environmentally conscious solutions but paid increased attention to creating a healthy work environment as well. Codic is looking into the introduction of custom technical solutions, such as placing a sterilization filter in the mechanical system and implementing contactless access from the main entrance to the work stations.

The designers of Green Court are Miklós Dombi and Tamás Pintér from DPi design. “The design process is about co-creation. During the preparation and planning, dozens of engineers, architects, real estate developers, the chief architect and members of the design council worked for a common goal: to create a positive, healthy and humane environment for prospective employees who are happy to leave for work in the morning and stay for a cup of coffee after work in the park.” Tamás Pintér, designer from DPi design said. “I believe that we will create a valuable building and liveable urban spaces for both the surrounding neighbourhood and future users.”

Green Court Office is adjacent to residential zones, with a wide range of services available in the vicinity. The great number of shops, health care institutions and the excellent public transport network make the green office building, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2021, a truly attractive workplace.


In addition to the excellent location and great public transport connections, Codic Hungary considered it important that the office building should also be accessible by alternative transport modes. Therefore, electric car charging stations have been installed in the underground garage and on the ground floor, in addition to 100+ bicycle parking racks with changing rooms and showers.

Green Court Office is a development of Codic Hungary, in partnership with Pesti Házak Zrt. and Picton Group AG.

Green Court Office: Creativity and Technology working in Harmony